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At Roger Wolfson and Associates we are committed to supply you with the best prosthetic components at the best possible price.

Roger Wolfson qualified in 1979 which gives the amputee and the patient the comfort that they will have over 35 years of experience backing them. Roger Wolfson has always been in the fore front of cutting edge technology. Roger has got certifications in all the up to date requirements and is constantly looking for more courses and qualifications to build on his extensive knowledge and experience


Our mission is very clear - provide best and fully tested prosthetic solutions for our patients

At Roger Wolfson and associates we are more than just a prosthetic and orthotic facility, we are in the forefront of prosthetic technology and development. We are here to give anyone who has lost a limb, the tools, information, and resources necessary- to allow them to achieve their goals, and to provide all the services necessary so that any patient can live their life without limitation!

Welcome to our prosthetic facility

We analyse your prosthetic needs carefully

When you come to Roger Wolfson and Associates we make sure your every need when it comes to prosthetic limbs has been fulfilled. Whether you are an elderly patient who lives a less active life or a young, active person requiring a more active lifestyle your need is our priority.

Low Cost Prosthetics

The most common question that is asked of me is how much does the prosthesis cost and many times the patient just can’t afford it. They have saved up as much as they can and where it is 20,000 Rand, 10,000 Rand or whatever the amount of money is specified it is a lot of money for that particular patient even though for prosthesis it is very little. Believe it or not comfortable prosthetics can be made for those prices.

There are two major criteria in the manufacture and alignment of a   prosthetic s that is where the residual limb fits into the prosthesis in other words the technique of the prosthetist and the componentry.

Fortunately the art of making prosthetics is much longer than modern medicine and many components that are designed 20 to 30 years ago are still used today. These components have become more and more economic over the years for two reasons.

  1. Research and development of these components have been paid for over and over again.
  2. The patent license for these components are no longer valid because of the time line of when components were patented in other words they have elapsed this means that the generic components are legal. This phenomenon is found often in the pharmaceutical industry we generic drugs are made each exactly the same as the original drugs but a lot cheaper.

So where does modern technology fit in a prosthesis. I believe that technology and the manufacture and design of the prosthetic socket is more important than the components.

The last statement is always repeated by the top trainers that work for very sophisticated companies   that demonstrate the high end intelligent and robotic prosthetic knees this is demonstrated by YouTube training videos of through hip amputation this video was shot in the early 70s using what we call today economic componentry. If you compare the individuals walking on those economic components to the other you Tube videos of top end prosthetic components you will see exactly what I am talking about.

The skill of the prosthetist cannot be replaced by higher end componentry. High end componentry will only enhance the skill of the prosthetist and not the other way round.